Weight Loss

Potenziativa ®

Weight Loss

Weight Loss POTENZIATIVA  ® is a program that provides preliminary medical advice and follow up focused on the evaluation and prescription of a correct nutritional style, physical exercise load and other aspects of the individual’s lifestyle.
It includes diagnostic screening such as:

  • blood tests
  • advanced gut microbiota analysis
  • high-precision verification of body composition by BIA (Body Impedance Analysis)

Ideal Weight POTENZIATIVA ® contains as main effective core, a cycle of combined intravenous
treatments with two sessions/week lasting 6 weeks followed by monthly recall sessions. It consists on Systemic Ozone Therapy and specific IV Therapy protocols that supports, as rational, the increasing of toxins removal and the energy metabolism as well as the improvement of specific hormonal balances (pe cortisol, insulin, leptin).
The program includes also Emotional  Psychology sessions performed by a professional with specific expertise in this field that can tune and improve certain clinical conditions such as nervous eating or emotional blockages.

The program aims to reduce the body overweight within an overall state of well-being through an exclusive approach that upgrades the ordinary interventions based only on nutritional style and physical exercise prescriptions.

weight loss
weight loss
weight loss
weight loss


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