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Oxygen and Ozone therapy

Oxygen and Ozone therapy are the medical practice that is based on the use of a mixture of oxygen and ozone through various techniques of administration allowing to obtain therapeutic results on different clinical conditions. Ozone can be administered in different ways: systemic (intravenously, intramuscularly, rectal insufflation) subcutaneous, intramuscular (para-vertebral), intra-articular, vaginal, uterine and urethral injections, topically or hydropinically. The naturally occurring oxygen is made up of 2 oxygen atoms (O2); ozone, on the other hand, is a particular form of enriched oxygen whose molecules are made up of 3 oxygen atoms (O3) that make it more active than the oxygen we breath.
Claudio Tavera, expert in oxygen – ozone therapy therapy, administers the therapies at the clinics in Milan and Como.

Systemic Oxygen - Ozone Therapy

Oxygen – Ozone therapy in the “Systemic Intravenous” form, defined until few years ago Mayor Autohemotherapy (MAHT), it is not just a simplified blood re-oxygenation but it could be represented as a session of training for the body consisting in reacting and strengthening itself against a mild oxidative stress delivered from the ozone. This is why it is technically called “preconditioning from bio-oxidative stress”. Ozone (O3) is produced in nature, for example during thunderstorms by  ionization of atmospheric oxygen (O2) by lightning or by action on it by UVA rays. This molecule, combined in a gaseous mixture with the oxygen we breathe, has proved to be extremely important also in anti-aging medicine to elicit a spectrum of benefits such as: reduction of free radicals related to aging process, improvement of the oxygen release to the tissues and growth factors from the platelets, enhancement of the immune response, reduction of the chronic inflammation. These are associated with the clinical evidence related to the improvement of the cardiovascular and cognitive function, resistance to infections, detoxification and reduction of psycho-physical stress.

The treatment consists in a closed circuit sampling a specific venous blood in a glass ampoules or sterile disposable bags, which, once mixed with oxygen and ozone, is re-infused into the patient’s vein in about 20 minutes . During this procedure, the blood in contact with the gaseous mixture produces oxygen-derived molecules called ROS (reactive oxygen species) and LOP (lipid oxidation products) which are the final mediators of its biological effect on the body’s cells and tissues.
The benefits begin to be felt in a concrete way between the fourth and sixth session in a recommended program of about twelve treatments in six weeks (two sessions per week) with periodic maintenance calls ideally to be practiced every three to four weeks. Already after the first session, the patient begins to have a feeling of well-being which has been interpreted by researchers as the result of an action of ozone therapy on the neuroendocrine system especially on beta-endorphins and on the cortisol cycle, hormones closely related to the management of psycho-physical stress.
There are few contraindications to this therapy including favism,  hyperthyroidism and the state of pregnancy which are excluded during the preliminary interview with the patient.
Systemic Ozone Therapy is certainly one of the therapeutic approaches belonging to Regenerative Medicine which, for example, in  combination with the treatments of Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, could improve in patients the repairing capacity of tissues, their oxygenation, lymphatic drainage and therefore, definitely, the quality of the final result of the treatments themselves.

Oxygen - paravertebral ozone therapy for discal herniation

Oxygen – Ozone therapy in its “paravertebral” mode of administration exploits the anti-inflammatory and anti-edema properties of the oxygen and ozone mixture which is injected along the muscles close to the spine at the height of the herniated disc. The presence of a hernia or a component of substance protruded or extruded from the fibro-cartilaginous disc present between the vertebrae generates a painful picture defined and localized as follows:

  • Low back pain
  • Lumbosciatalgia (with irradiation in association and not with tingling / reduced sensitivity to the buttock, thigh up to the leg or sole of the foot
  • Cervicalgia: neck posteriorly
  • Cervicobrachialgia: with irradiation in association and not with tingling / reduced sensitivity in the arm and fingers
  • Dorsalgia: along the thoracic tract of the back

Normally the doctor after evaluating the symptoms reported by the patient and his diagnostic tests (e.g. Magnetic Resonance) proceeds with completing the medical check by practicing manual tests aimed at quantifying his real functional limitations. After signing the informed consent, he then proceeds to carrying out the therapy: while the patient remains lying prone on the bed, the doctor begins with the disinfection of the area to be treated and then practices the oxygen-ozone injections in a number of two, maximum three, per side of the column. Each injection is carried out slowly and the session is completed in a few minutes. The patient may feel slight heat or burning at the injection site which disappears in a few seconds and it is often related to the extent of the inflammation present. After the last injection, the patient can get up and the session ends which lasts about ten minutes. Normally two weekly sessions are prescribed for six weeks, followed by one recall session every three to four weeks.

This therapy has no contraindications compared to traditional therapeutic approaches and offers significant advantages such as: it is  minimally invasive enough to be practiced in the clinic without there being any risk of worsening the problem in post-treatment as it can happen with the surgical approach; it does not have the typical side effects of classic anti-inflammatory drugs such as gastrointestinal ones, from interaction with other drugs, allergies etc. It is noteworthy to underline that together with oxygen – “paravertebral” ozone therapy there are also “intraforaminal” and “intradiscal” paths of  administration that are practiced with radio-guided technique and with the patient sedated in the operating room in specific cases of “complicated herniated disc”. The hernial pathology of the spinal column, if not treated properly, is progressively disabling for the patient who is affected as well as directing it to an excessive use of drugs that would only have a palliative role and can definitely determine both consequences on work and life relationship.

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