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IV Therapy

The IV Therapy identifies a branch of Regenerative Medicine consisting in the intravenous administration of nutraceuticals (vitamins, minerals, aminoacids and other biological compounds) to promote an effect not only curative but also aimed to support the healing and anti-aging processes of the human body as well as the general well-being of the individual.

There are different IV therapy protocols, depending on the compounds used, each of which can be prescribed for specific clinical conditions such as immune support, body hydration and nutritional deficiencies. IV Therapy is the only form of regenerative medicine that allows certain biological substances to enter directly into the bloodstream and be used by our cells more quickly and in greater quantities than the same substances taken orally together with a more effective body rehydration. This is an excellent way to support a variety of conditions including:

  1. physical and mental performance 
  2. immune response 
  3. replenishment of water-soluble vitamins and minerals (pe Vit. C and Vit. Group B, lipoic acid, magnesium) 
  4. body re-hydration 
  5. Jet Lag Syndrome 
  6. hang-over / chronic  alcohol abuse
  7. contrast cold, flu, and flu-like symptoms 
  8. Detox 
  9. fatigue 
  10. leaky Gut Syndrome (Gut Permeability impairment) 
  11. Hormonal unbalance 
  12. well-being and anti-aging

IV Therapy - Cocktail di Myers (Myers' Cocktail)

Myers’ cocktail is one of the classical protocols of IV Therapy. Original formula consists in the combination of magnesium, vitamins B group,  vitamin C and calcium. When administered in combination and in certain dosages, these nutrients become effective in combating acute asthmatic crises, migraine, fatigue, fibromyalgia, muscle contractures, chronic sinusitis and other conditions. This well-known intravenous therapy protocol is also highly effective in relieving anxiety and helping to lower blood pressure which results in an immediate relaxation effect. It is agreed that it is also considered to be an extraordinary treatment for alcohol abuse after-effects due to its rehydrating and nourishing properties.

IV Therapy
IV Therapy IV терапия
IV Therapy


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