Healthy aging & prevention

Potenziativa ®

Healthy aging & prevention

Prevention and Healthy Aging Potenziativa ® is a program aimed to provide a specialistic medical evaluation and follow up on the individual’s lifestyle, including assessment and orientation towards balanced and personalized nutritional habits and physical activity.
It includes specific diagnostic screening such as:

  • blood tests
  • DNA test by oral swab
  • hormone analysis on saliva sample
  • advanced gut microbiota analysis
  • high precision body composition analysis through BIA (Body Impedance Analysis)

This overall screening is designed to assess the general state of health of the individual and to predict possible risk factors for the onset of diseases age related.
The treatments include specific IV (Intra Venous) Therapy protocols that can be combined with Systemic Oxygen-Ozone Therapy on a bi-weekly basis with a duration of six continuous weeks followed by monthly recall sessions.

This program is addressed to slow down and improve the aging process of the individual through enhancing the healing processes of the body, reducing the cumulation of free radicals responsible for high chronic oxidative stress, increasing the overall level of energy together with the delivery of a natural feeling of well-being and energy.

здоровое старение

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