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Enhancement Medicine and Potential Nutrition

Times change but the main law of nature is always the same: the strongest organism does not survive, but the most adaptable.
How to increase our adaptability to the new demands of an environment that changes also due to human intervention? Suffice it to say that an apple that our grandparents picked from trees years ago contained a quantity of magnesium 40 times higher than what we now find for sale on the counters of supermarkets and fruit and vegetable shops. We find ourselves having to face not only these dramatic changes in the quality of our diet but also some conditions of physical and psychological discomfort such as overweight and stress which are not real pathologies but negatively affect our quality of life.

Enhancement Medicine and Physiological Enhancement

Enhancement Medicine for the body and mind

A new discipline called Enhancement Medicine is making its entrance: not so much a “disease medicine” as a real proactive response to the need to make us stronger and more resilient in the face of new environmental, physical, mental and psychological stimuli, helping us to enhance our natural and physiological defenses. In reality, in the Medical Code of Ethics, in 2014, article 76, this medical branch was defined as the one within which “the doctor operates both in research activities and when non-therapeutic services are requested but aimed at strengthening physiological physical and cognitive abilities of the individual “. The same article states that the doctor “implements it in respect and safeguarding the dignity of the individual himself in all his individual and social reflections, the identity and integrity of the person and his genetic peculiarities as well as the principles of proportionality and precaution “. No supermen, therefore, but a general improvement in well-being and one’s potential. Although it must be said that the origin of this branch seems to be attributable to military medicine and experimentation on soldiers, while respecting an article of the document approved on February 22, 2013 by the National Committee for Bioethics, which indicated the limits within which potentiation medicine can deontologically operate. It goes hand in hand with both the advent of wearable smart technologies (wearables) that can be connected via Bluetooth to smartphones (which can transmit vital parameters data to a remotely connected doctor with telemedicine systems), and the introduction of specific therapies . The latter, in addition to not being based on actual drugs, can in fact be applied to the healthy person to amplify and optimize certain physiological mechanisms: those that would help him not only to counteract some diseases related to aging, but to be more efficient at physical and mental level, improving the quality of life.
These therapies make use of biological stimuli consisting of a slight physical-chemical stress and interventions on circadian rhythms (chronobiological therapy) to which the body adapts by reacting with an improvement and strengthening of various physiological functions. Examples are cryotherapy (body exposure at -85 degrees centigrade), systemic intravenous ozone therapy, IV therapy (drip with vitamins and other nutrients) practiced within potentiating nutrition protocols, certain types of magnetotherapy, intermittent fasting and controlled sleep deprivation. In support of these therapies we can support emotional psychology oriented to the removal of emotional blocks.
An “upgrade” of the state of health is in fact an emerging awareness of the modern individual who recognizes in potentiating medicine the updating of what until now has been counted within the term of prevention.

Dott. Claudio Tavera is Sports Medicine Specialist ABAARM A4M Certified (American Board of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine) Secretary General of the Italian Society of Potential Medicine  www.potenziattiva.com 

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