Energy and vitality

Potenziativa ®

Energy and vitality

Energy and Vitality POTENZIATIVA ® is a specific program developed to increase mental and physical energy in individuals affected from psychophysical stress, fatigue, burn-out syndrome that are illnesses linked to the frenetic pace of modern society. It includes a preliminary medical assessment of the individual’s lifestyle and a follow up with periodic counselling. Intravenous IV Therapy treatments can be combined with Systemic Oxygen-Ozone Therapy on a bi-weekly basis lasting from one to six continuous weeks followed by recall sessions on a monthly basis.
Included in the program there are sessions of emotional psychology managed by our professional with specific expertise in this field.
This program is studied to address the patient to an improvement of psycho-physical and mental performance and to a better quality of the sleep.

This program is addressed to slow down and improve the aging process of the individual through enhancing the healing processes of the body, reducing the cumulation of free radicals responsible for high chronic oxidative stress, increasing the overall level of energy together with the delivery of a natural feeling of well-being and energy.

Energy and vitality
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Energy and vitality

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