Emotional Psichology

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Emotional Psichology

Emotional psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with solving problems of malaise arising from unresolved emotional experiences and enhancing the emotional management of an individual through specific and personalized training.
Each of us interacts with reality through the sense organs and, through our own mind, integrates and decodes the signals coming from the surrounding world, but it is only through emotions that we live the real experience of the world. The emotional experience that each one of us has of reality is the most subjective thing that exists: of an event, it derives its own and unique experience, its own and unique memory. These life experiences, however pleasant or unpleasant, however short (of a few moments) or long (even years), must be psychologically elaborated and accepted, otherwise they are somatized through emotional blocks, generating psycho-physical malaise.
From today it is possible to benefit from an Emotional Detox treatment, a treatment specifically designed to resolve and overcome emotional blocks. Describing what Emotional Detox is is not possible, it is an experience to live.
Being on an emotional basis and acting in the unconscious depth of the person, it is very subjective and everyone lives it in their uniqueness. Emotional Detox treatment not only helps to overcome one’s unconscious emotional blocks but also to conduct a real conscious and guided journey within oneself.

Dott. Claudio Tavera is Sports Medicine Specialist ABAARM A4M Certified (American Board of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine) Secretary General of the Italian Society of Potential Medicine www.potenziativa.com 

Emotional Psichology
Psicologia emozionale happiness
Psicologia Emozionale ragazza


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