Dr. Teymur Musayev

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Dr. Teymur Musayev

Dr. Teymur Musayev is a Doctor with specialization in urology, PhD in Surgery and Transplantology and University Master in Health Management. He has many years of experience in reproductive medicine, lifestyle medicine, health management with a strong focus on the development of new health models and services especially oriented towards preventive medicine activities.
He has created and supported highly qualified teams by hiring, motivating and coordinating selected professionals. It is oriented towards scientific research and analysis.

It develops and implements innovative diagnostic-therapeutic formats for the promotion and improvement of health. He has dedicated 27 years of clinical experience in residential healthcare facilities, hospitals and medical resorts at high operating regimes. For 18 years he served as health director in private medical facilities and medical resorts.
Responsibly attentive to the patient’s well-being.

Dott. Teymur Musayev is co-founder of Medwellness & SPA

Together with Dr. Claudio Tavera he is co-founder of Medwellness & SPA Srl based in Como. www.potenziativa.com 

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